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A Huge pile of pics....Thanks MIKE!!!!

here is a e-mail I just received from my friend Mike. I asked and he said I could share....enjoy!

It's been awhile since I sent out a missive on the status of dealing
with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. While now it's barely a
footnote in national news, in areas of the city, there are few signs
of progress. Today, about six months after the hurricane hit New
Orleans, things are still bad. Here are some pictures I took today
from New Orleans East and the Lakefront:

The stuff I shot today includes the carnage at the Lake Pontchartrain
west end: boats every which way in the harbor and up on land. Some
of the names of the boats and their position are especially poignant.

There are literally square miles of neighborhoods that are
uninhabited throughout the city; major areas still without
electricity, and debris everywhere.

Here are more pictures in case you didn't see them before:

New Orleans East:
Slidell Wetland/Salt Bayou Area:
Rescued Pets:
Pictures in Metairie:

I just overheard a commercial for Oprah this afternoon: "The Katrina stories you haven't heard......This is in American.... I can't believe people are living like this...." I am going to set the DVR right now!!
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